Grinder Treads is Soviet Line 2 Top Secret Protocol in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. This enhances all vehicles that are able to crush enemies. It upgrades the tracks of every treaded vehicle, that is now able to reclaim the lost armor by grinding a run-over unit and using the parts for repair.


If a tank (e.g Hammer Tank ) squishes infantry, a special sound effect will play and a wrench icon will appear above the unit's health bar (if the machine was damaged). The amount of health reclaimed depends on the value of the unit. It also multiplies the effect by a current amount as the Threat Meter grows.

In Uprising , the Grinder attack was considered a constant enemy crushing, which let the vehicle repair at insane rates, and would require concentrated fire to take it down.

However, the Magnetic Harpoon for Apocalypse Tanks has not been modified for a protocol.

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