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RA2 Grizzly Tank Icons.png RA2 Grizzly Tank Veteran Icons.png
Grizzly Battle Tank
CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank.png
Internal name MTNK (rules)
GTNK (art)
Affiliation RA2Alliedlogo.png Allied Forces
Role Main battle tank
Armament 105mm cannon
Tech level 2
Hit points 300
Armor type Heavy
Cost $700
Build time 0:28
Produced by Allied war factory
Ground attack
  • 65 (AP)
  • 65 (55 in RA2) (when elite) (GRIZAPE)
  • 60
  • 50 (75 in RA2) (when elite)
  • Speed 7
    Attack range 5
    Sight range 8
    Elite upgrade Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing

    The Grizzly battle tank is the Allied main battle tank in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.


    The Grizzly mounts a unique chassis, consisting of two drive trains extending beyond the main hull and crew compartment. On top of the chassis is mounted a relatively narrow turret, carrying the main gun of the Grizzly.

    Cheaper than the Rhino Tank, it's a match for most Soviet vehicles; but is weaker than Soviet tanks. Although not as strong as the Rhino or Apocalypse tanks; Grizzly Tanks can outmanoeuvre the slower Soviet vehicles. Capable of bypassing them completely in order to attack more vulnerable units in the rear, such as V3 rocket launchers or even an enemy base. Its speed epitomizes the Allied tactic of rapid fight engagement. Deficiencies in armor can be negated in extended engagement by the introduction of IFV with Engineers, replenishing the armour for another battle.

    In the new timeline created by Anatoly Cherdenko's time travel, the Grizzly was beaten by the British Guardian tank in performance tests, which replaced it as the new Allied MBT.


    The Grizzly is one of the fastest tanks in RA2, easily outpacing its Soviet counterpart, the Rhino. It is also an inexpensive unit to build, making it easy to mass produce quickly. These attributes combine to make a unit that is tailor built for swarming hit-and-run tactics, with an above decent damage rating that makes the Grizzly a potent threat to enemy structures and vehicles.

    Grizzly tanks are not solo fighters in any way. Though an effective assault unit, the Grizzly is still weaker than Soviet tanks and because they lack anti infantry weapons they are ineffective against infantry. Therefore anti infantry support is a must, though they are still able to crush most infantry with their treads and their armor generally holds up well against small arms fire. Grizzlies should always travel in groups of five or more for maximum efficiency, and if those numbers can be bolstered with more exotic tanks like Mirage Tanks or Robot Tanks, such additions should be made immediately. In fact, late game Grizzlies are perfect escorts for more vulnerable Allied armor like Prism Tanks; few things in Red Alert 2 are as potent as a Prism Tank bombardment with Grizzly protection.

    Grizzly tanks are an excellent choice for defending your base against enemy paratroopers as they have relatively high health and damage for main ground vehicles. They are capable of soaking up a significant amount of damage, delaying attackers and allowing your fixed defenses take care of the rest. Because they are fast, they can crush enemy infantry under their treads.

    The grizzly is first available in Lone Guardian but more can be built in the second allied mission.


    The Grizzlies' greatest vulnerability is Soviet enemy armour, especially Apocalypse Tanks, of which just one can destroy a Grizzly with ease. Numbers and speed are a Grizzly's greatest assets, and should be employed whenever a Grizzly sees combat. In Red Alert 2, the Grizzly is the Allies' heaviest assault vehicle when it comes to armour making it more suitable for head on assault against Soviet armour division but they should always be supported against infantry and heavier vehicles. In Yuri's Revenge however, the Battle Fortress takes its rank as the Allies' heaviest vehicle.

    Grizzlies are one of the few Allied vehicles that cannot attack aircraft. This makes them easy pickings for Allied Rocketeers, Harriers, Soviet Kirov Airships or Yuri's Floating Discs if they are not within range of an Allied IFVs, or Patriot missile system.

    Grizzly tanks are only able to damage one unit at a time. This makes it very easy to overwhelm them with large groups of GI's or Conscripts (unless they crush them using Force moving).


    Following the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Allies realized that the Grizzly tanks were indeed too weak compared to the Rhino tank, costing the lives of many tank pilots who were crushed by Soviet armour divisions. For this reason, the Allies decided to replace it with Paladin tank in the Post-war Crisis.

    In the new timeline created after Anatoly Cherdenko's time travel, the Grizzly tank was replaced by the Guardian tank as the Allied main battle tank.


    When selected

    • Vehicle ready.
    • Unit reporting.
    • Yes, sir?
    • Ready to roll.
    • Destination, commander?

    When moving

    • Securing position!
    • Good to go!
    • High speed, low drag.
    • On our way, sir.
    • Outstanding!
    • Bound forward!

    When ordered to attack

    • Weapon ready!
    • Commencing assault!
    • Closing in!
    • Driver up!
    • Fire zone confirmed!



    Alpha cameo:

    CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank Alpha Cameo.png

    In order: English, French, German, Korean, Chinese. Top row is standard, bottom row is veteran.

    RA2 Grizzly Tank Icons.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank French Cameo.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank German Cameo.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank Korean Cameo.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank Chinese Cameo.png
    RA2 Grizzly Tank Veteran Icons.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank French Veteran Cameo.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank German Veteran Cameo.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank Korean Veteran Cameo.png CNCRA2 Grizzly Battle Tank Chinese Veteran Cameo.png


    • Grizzly is the name of subspecies of brown bear (Ursus arctos) that generally lives in the uplands of western North America.
    • An AMX-56 Leclerc tank model was used for the alpha icon.
    • The Grizzly tank's lines are used by all Allied ground vehicles in Red Alert 2 (the same as Soviet Rhino tanks).

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