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25px-Disambig.png For the Tiberium Wars mission of the same name, see Ground Zero (mission).

C&C Covert Ops Cover.gif The following is based on the missions of The Covert Operations and might contradict canon.
Nod has launched a missile which is aimed at the global peace conference. Get the delegates from the conference to the evac point as quickly as possible. Time is critical -- good luck.
- Mission briefing

Ground Zero is the fifth GDI mission in The Covert Operations.[1]


The global peace conference was underway when GDI received word that Nod had launched a nuclear missile at the event. With time fast running out GDI must use what little forces it has in the area to safely move the delegates to the evac zone before the missile strikes.


  • Although implied that there is a time limit, the nuke actually hits the conference buildings when the player’s units reach a certain point south of them.
    • There are actually 2 triggers that caused the nuclear warhead to launch. One is when the player's unit reaches south of the village and the second one is the time limit. It is possible to see 2 nuclear strikes in this mission if the player caused both triggers although the time limit trigger will be canceled if the player units goes near the tile with the nuke trigger.
  • The nuke is fired from a Temple of Nod in the southwestern corner. The player can just see the top of it when scouting the cliff around it with the medium tank. The Temple can be destroyed with the tank or a rocket soldier and, if the player feels like it, the chinook can be used to transport infantry there to mop up survivors. If doing this, Nod will sell the Temple when it is damaged to 75% since there is no money to repair it.
  • In the original game, the Hospital building could be sold for a few extra troops, but this is not possible in Remastered for unknown reasons.
    • Hospitals cannot be sold, even in the original game and Red Alert because the building lacks the animation.
  • The transport helicopter will lift off and fly away when just one delegate is loaded on board, but it can be made to land again to pick up the others.


Covert Operations - Ground Zero


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