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Ichor concentration in this area is extremely low and contained. Construct growth accelerators at each Ichor field, to increase its spread.
- Mothership AI, to Foreman 371

The Growth Accelerator is a Scrin support structure seen during the Invasion of Earth.


The Scrin are known to construct these mysterious, pulsating structures to increase the output of their Tiberium fields.[1] Since Earth's Tiberium deposits were less developed than the Scrin expected, these structures saw widespread use during their Invasion of Earth to support their operations.[2] Exactly how they function is never explained, though it is likely a result of the Scrin's extensive research into the abilities of Tiberium (or "Ichor", as it is known to them).

Owning to their increased need for Tiberium for funding and mutational experimentation, the Reaper-17 subfaction used a more advanced version of the Growth Accelerator, called the Growth Stimulator, which provides a constant flow of resources in addition to accelerating Tiberium growth.

Game Structure[]

Buildable by both Drone Platforms and Foundries, Growth Accelerators can be deployed onto the central chasm of any revealed Tiberium field (regardless of type or whether it is within the player's ground control radius) to increase the regrowth of new crystals by 50%. Though expensive, they are invaluable for battles of attrition, where expansion to other fields is far more difficult.

Because Growth Accelerators affect the Tiberium field, and not any specific player, it can sometimes be a wise idea to capture or leave enemy Growth Accelerators intact should the player's forces be harvesting from that field too.

Only one Growth Accelerator can be applied to a field, regardless of how many it appears capable of fitting visually. Note that a Tiberium field that already has an occupied "core" (i.e. one affected by a Growth Accelerator/Stimulator or by the Tiberium Hives of the Infestation power) cannot support another of the aforementioned structures.

Global Conquest[]

The Growth Accelerator is used as a support power in Global Conquest, where it increases the regeneration rate of Tiberium within its area for economic purposes. This support power costs 1000 credits and can only be placed near a Tier 3 base on the map.

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