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Ichor concentration in this area is extremely low and contained. Construct growth accelerators at each Ichor field, to increase its spread.
- Mothership AI to Foreman 371

The growth accelerator is a structure utilized by the alien Scrin to improve the growth speed of a Tiberium field by 50%.


The Scrin are known to construct these mysterious structures to increase the output of their Tiberium fields.[1] Since Earth's Tiberium deposits were less developed than the Scrin expected, these structures saw widespread use during their Invasion of Earth.[2] Exactly how they function is never explained.

The Reaper-17 subfaction used a more advanced version of the Growth Accelerator, the Growth Stimulator, which provides a constant flow of resources in addition to accelerating Tiberium growth.

Game structure

Growth Accelerators can be planted onto the central spawn point of a Tiberium field to increase the regrowth of the new crystal deposits by 50%. Though expensive, they are invaluable for sustained battles of attrition.

Role in Global Conquest

The Growth Accelerator is used as a support power in Global Conquest, where it increases the regeneration rate of Tiberium within its area for economic purposes. This support power costs 1000 credits, requires a Tier 3 base in the map, and can only be placed adjacent to one as well.

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