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Citizens within the Grunyev province have been speaking out against Soviet involvement in Western Europe. Silence them.

Take a force into the area and eliminate any dissidents. We have received reports that the civilians may be armed, but against the might of the Soviet Empire, no force they can muster will protect them.

See to it that they serve as an example to others. Eliminate them all -- men, women, and children.
- Mission briefing

Grunyev Revolution is the ninth and final Soviet mission in the Aftermath expansion.


In the fictional Grunyev province of Russia, a group of civilians rose up in arms against the Soviet Union, equipped with both Soviet and Allied weapons. The revolutionists called for the end of the war and freedom from Stalin's regime. Realizing this, Stalin orders the Soviet commander to crush the rebellion by force.


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The mission starts with three infantry soldiers, two heavy tanks and one mammoth tank at the bottom right corner of the screen map. If you chart a little further to the northwest, the territory is fully revealed with small deserted town. One of its occupants, the civilian revolutionist, yell "This war is wrong! Down with Stalin!" and opens fire with a heavy missile weapon. Defeat him before another civilian triggers a suicidal nuclear strike. You can defeat the nuclear-armed civilian by kiting your units and using infantry soldiers to kill him.

Once the two heavily-armed civilians have killed, the red alert message pops up three times: "Red alert! Civilian heavy weaponry detected. Head Northeast immediately for reinforcements. Repeat! Head northeast immediately for reinforcements!"

Travel northeast from where you have been, but do not go to the west directly because there are yellow team of revolutionists with Allied arsenal heavily guarding the path. Once you have occupied the northeast, squadron of shock troopers, two Tesla tanks and MCV will arrive. Build your Soviet base and expand the defense lines and production buildings for more tanks and infantry. Defend yourself against yellow revolutionists and powerful civilians.

Later, after about eleven minutes of gameplay, a new message arrives from from the revolutionists saying that they are evacuating their women and children and asking to let them pass. At this point, supply trucks will move from the yellow base towards the bottom of the screen and depart. If the trucks are destroyed, the mission will continue as normal, and the destruction of the revolutionists' base will complete the mission.

However, allowing the trucks to leave results in Stalin's elite guards arriving to finish the job. The elite guards, consisting shock troopers, V2 rocket launchers, and Mammoth tanks with brown coloring, will attack both your forces and the revolutionists. The mission will be completed when either the elite guards or revolutionists are destroyed.


  • This mission appears as the fourth mission in Retaliation.
  • This is the only mission in Red Alert series where the civilians use heavy weapons. Some of which are not used by Soviet or Allied infantry units including:
    • Rocket launchers' missiles
    • Demolition trucks' nuclear bomb
    • Molotov grenade (combines grenade and flame turret)
    • Tanya's gun
    • Pill box's' machine gun
    • Grenadier's grenade
    • Flamethrower's fireball
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