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Grunyev Revolutionists
Type Guerilla force
Conflicts Second World War
This war is wrong! Down with Stalin!
- Revolutionist

The Grunyev Revolutionists were inhabitants of the Grunyev province in Russia that openly contested Soviet involvement in western Europe. Unbeknownst to Stalin, who ordered their immediate execution down to the last man, woman and child, they commandeered Soviet military equipment, including the mighty Mammoth tanks and MiGs in addition to Allied equipment supplied to them by the Allies.

However, their forces were soon crushed by the Soviet army, and they were forced to send their women and children to safety in trucks. They contacted the Soviet commander, begging him not to destroy the trucks. However, if the commander decides to allow the trucks to leave, Stalin's elite guards arrive and destroy the trucks anyway, before proceeding to attack both the commander's forces and the revolutionists. In the end, none of the revolutionists survived the bloody uprising.


Grunyev Revolutionists appear in Grunyev Revolution.

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