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Tanks are no match!
- Guardian GI
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Guardian GIs were Allied anti-armour/anti-air infantry in service during the second iteration of the Third World War.


Undeployed, they carry an automatic rifle that is effective against other infantry. Their rifle, while effective, has a slower rate of fire compared to other infantry units; making them vulnerable when not deployed.

Like the standard GI, they are able to deploy into personal fortifications; instead of sandbags however, the Guardian GIs use collapsible steel emplacements that not only protected them from small arms fire but also rendered them immune to the crushing treads of tanks and other vehicles. Once deployed, they swapped their rifles for anti-tank Javelin RPG launchers. A group of three Guardian GIs with Javelins can turn enemy tanks (and aircraft) into scrap metal in seconds.

The primary weakness of the Guardian GI's is the slow pace at which they move while undeployed. This is due to the heavy weight and size of their gear; their anti-vehicle weaponry and the collapsible steel fortifications which they carry on their backs when not in use. It is also partially the reason why that they also are unable to garrison buildings unlike standard GIs.

Tactics and counters

The Guardian GI is a formidable anti-tank unit, especially against vehicles that lack anti-personnel weaponry. They are even more versatile when placed in a Battle Fortress. Inside the heavy vehicle, they are completely immune to anti-personnel weaponry and can fire on the move at a faster rate than normal. With this method, they are excellent counters not only against tanks but also slow-moving aircraft such as Kirov airships and Yuri's Floating Discs.

Anti-infantry units such as Viruses, Desolators, Snipers or Gattling Tanks can easily make short work of them without fear of retaliation. Basic infantry such as conscripts can also make relatively short work of Guardian GIs. Guardian GIs would lose against Rocketeers due to being infantry, and that their anti-armor weapons did little to infantry personnel.

Anti-Infantry vehicles are still a threat to Guardian GIs. A counter for this problem is keeping the Guardian GIs in IFVs or Battle Fortresses.


The Guardian GI was erased from the timeline after Anatoly Cherdenko's time travel. They were succeeded by the Javelin soldier.



  • Effective against structures when not deployed.
  • Powerful and Strong against tanks and aircraft when deployed, a few of them can hard counter main battle tanks and even apocalypses.
  • Also can provide Anti-Air defense when deployed.
  • Combines well with Regular GIs to create a formidable defense when deployed in numbers. 
  • Immune to the crushing treads of tanks and other vehicles when deployed
  • More versatile and deadly when placed in a Battle Fortress or IFV as a fast moving anti-tank and anti-air unit.
  • Upgraded missiles explode on impact.
  • Can shoot over walls when deployed.


  • Less armoured than basic infantry.
  • Slow moving.
  • Ineffective against infantry and structures when deployed.
  • Loses against rocketeers in one-on-one matches.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry even when deployed.
  • Needs some numbers to be effective against high-technology vehicles such as Apocalypse tanks.
  • Missiles do not have a homing effect.
  • Like the GI, they are inferior even to the likes of a conscript when undeployed.
  • Loses to the flak track in a one-on-one duel. gattling tanks also counter them well.
  • Battle fortresses can crush deployed guardian GIs.


Tanks are no match
- When selected
We're uncrushable!
- When selected
Let's show 'em what we got
- When selected
Solid as a rock, sir!
- When selected
On the mark, sir!
- When selected
Sir, yes, sir!
- When selected
- When moving
Right away, sir
- When moving
- When moving
Affirmative, sir!
- When moving
Let's move out
- When moving
He's mine
- When ordered to attack
They want a scrap?
- When ordered to attack
We'll take 'em
- When ordered to attack
I'm all over him
- When ordered to attack
Let's throw down
- When ordered to attack
Diggin' in!
- When ordered to deploy
- When ordered to deploy
- When ordered to deploy
I need a medic
- Under fire
It's too much
- Under fire
I'm hit bad
- Under fire
I can't take it anymore
- Under fire
They're right on top of me
- Under fire



  • Their missile launchers look identical to Flak Troopers' flak guns, maybe due to lack of new modelling. Their rifles also look similar to the GI’s machine gun.
  • In their pre-release appearance and the cameo, their helmets are gray. In their final SHP sprite, they are black.
  • In the concept art he seem to be holding a Beretta M12 Submachinegun
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