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The gun walker was a Scrin light vehicle first seen during the Third Tiberium War.


Main-line Scrin forces often include gun walkers, which appear to be manufactured in spite of their organic, buglike appearance. These legged vehicles are armed with rapid-firing plasma weapons capable of tearing through infantry as well as fast-moving aircraft, although these "plasma spitters" are ineffective against heavier tank armor.[1]

Game unit[]

Gun Walkers have much more health and damage resistance than the other Tier 1 Scrin vehicles: the Seeker—and are in general, much more resilient than the other factions' Tier 1 anti-infantry equivalents (GDI's APC and Nod's Buggy).

They specialize in anti-infantry and anti-air purposes but can also be effective against light vehicles such as GDI Guardian APCs and Nod attack bikes (although Seekers are more effective).

The combination of Gun Walkers' substantial durability, good speed, excellent mobility and capability to crush infantry allows them to easily trample entire squads of light infantry, trade blows well with even specialized anti-vehicle infantry and aircraft that they encounter such as: Zone TroopersStormriders or Orcas, and evacuate from dire engagements at speeds few anti-armor units can match.

Their good all-around stats, effectiveness against all infantry, incredible scalar damage against aircraft paired with their relatively cheap ($700) cost ensures their widespread deployment, and enables them to be one of the most versatile anti-air vehicles in the game (in contrast to dedicated anti-air units such as Slingshots and Mantises).




  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • added ambient sound effects
    • acceleration and deceleration times reduced, making the gun walker more maneuverable


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