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For the unit of the same name in Command & Conquer (1995), see Gunboat (Tiberian Dawn).
RA DOS Gunboat icon.png RA1 Gunboat Icons.gif RAR Gunboat Cameo.png Gunboat
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Internal name PT
Affiliation RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces
Role Escort
Armament 2 inch cannon
Depth charges
Protection Light
Tier 1
Tech level 3
Hit points 200
Armor type Heavy
Cost $500
Produced by Naval yard
Ground attack
  • 25 (AP) (ground)
  • 80 (AP) (sea)
Cooldown 60
Sea speed 9
Attack range
  • 5.5 (ground)
  • 5 (sea)
Sight range 7
Abilities Detects submarines

The Gunboat is the Allies' small, versatile vessel whose main role is reconnaissance and support of larger, more cumbersome vessels.


Faced with the impending invasion, the Allied navy, a navy that consists of many nations with varied capability, require an ad interim design quickly to support the resistance effort. The gunboat was the resulting stopgap solution as it was the most inexpensive unit that could engage Soviet submarines.

The gunboat is not the Allies' main naval unit; it served as the Allies' interim response to a Soviet naval assault until Destroyers could arrive on the scene. Gunboats were deployed to patrol nearby waters for Soviet submarines or providing limited naval fire support.


Tiberium Universe

It was further used by the Global Defense Initiative in the First Tiberium War to provide fire support to their ground forces operating close to shore with its cannon and depth charges replace by Tomahawk missiles.

Red Alert Universe

Gunboat, along with its medium counterpart were replaced by the new Destroyer of the Third World War.

Game unit

The gunboat's weapon is a bow-mounted 2 inch (50.8 mm) gun and a single depth charge launcher. It is lightly armoured and can match Soviet submarines only in superior numbers. The 2-inch gun is of limited use for shore bombardment due to its short range, which puts the gunboat at risk of being fired upon from land units such as tanks.

The gunboat is the first tier of the Allied Navy, being inexpensive and available early in the game. However it is weak and of limited capability. A gunboat will easily lose a one to one engagement against a Soviet Submarine, however Allied commanders can take advantage of the gunboat's lower cost to enjoy numerical superiority over submarines.

Allied commanders will switch to destroyers once they become available, which while being more expensive and slower, are stronger and more powerful. Destroyers are also much more versatile, as their anti-surface capability has a much longer range, as well as having anti-aircraft capabilities.

Behind the scenes

The unit bears a vague resemblance to the Osprey 55-class gunboat.

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