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The Gunboat is a light GDI warship appearing in Tiberian Dawn. Armed with surface-to-surface Tomahawk missiles, Gunboats were the backbone of GDI’s naval forces during the First Tiberium War.


Gunboats were used to provide fire support to GDI ground forces operating close to shore. This does, however, put them in range of hostile fire from shore defences, engaging frequently with Nod Turrets and Obelisk of Light laser towers to a lesser extent. Gunboats are not used in the Second Tiberium War.

Game unit

Gunboats are not directly buildable in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. They only appear in campaign missions as fire support for GDI. This is the case regardless what side the player is on. A Nod player can be attacked by them while a GDI player can usually give them fire orders, but not movement orders.




  • If the games data files are modified so gunboats may be built, the ships will appear at the production structure then move left and right horizontally from one map edge to the other. Terrain does not affect gunboat movement; normally impassable terrain does not block their movement.
  • The gunboat is the only vehicle in the game that actually changes its overall appearance after taking too much damage whereas all other vehicles would simply emit smoke particles.
  • During the Brotherhood of Nod campaign, it should be noted by commanders that the GDI Gunboat will only attack vehicles and aircraft but not infantry or buildings.

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