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Generals Hacker



Covert ops infantry


Computer laptop


Body Armour

Hit points


Armour type

Human Armor

  • $625
  • $780 (General Kwai)
Build time


Produced by

China Barracks


Propaganda Center




20 (10 when badly hurt)

Attack range


Sight range


Gen1 Disable Building Icons
Disable structures
Gen1 Hack Internet Icons
Hack for cash
No system is safe
- Hacker, ready to hack
Gen1 Hacker Icons

Hackers were highly trained computer experts recruited by China to serve in their armed forces.


Since they are not intended to be front-line fighters to be thrown straight into harm's way, they receive no weapons training or body armor. However, their skills in computers can give the Chinese a boost in their war resources or even wreak havoc on the enemy's base if they managed to infiltrate behind enemy lines. Hackers could remotely disable enemy structures using sophisticated computer programs. More often, however, they were employed in hacking insecure bank accounts of unsuspecting Internet users, covertly diverting money into China's military coffers. First the general gets 5 cash every few seconds with them; after generating $500, the hacker gets promoted, generating $6 at a slightly faster rate, then $8 at an even faster rate after generating an additional $1200, reaching full rank after generating an additional $1600. At full rank hackers give a general 10 cash every second.

Later in the conflict, the Internet center was developed to protect and aid Hackers in this task by providing them with improved internet access and a shelter that can withstand a direct hit from a super weapon. While China denied the use of this tactic, GLA attacking forces caught Hackers red-handed on more than one occasion, landing them a propaganda coup. Responding to GLA increased aggression toward Hackers. Chinese troops are given a high priority to protect these men from harm. The Hacker could also disable an enemy building, but needed to stay in contact with the building.

General Shin Fai created a core of elite hackers, the Super Hackers that were trained by Black Lotus herself.


Disable Building
Gen1 Disable Building Icons
The Hacker uses a strong computer virus to disable enemy buildings.
Hack Internet
Gen1 Hack Internet Icons
The Hacker sits down and deploys his laptop in order to hack money from the internet. Generates a constant stream of money and experience for the Hacker, but the Hacker is undefended.

Game unit


Preparing for credit transfer!
- Hacker

Most of the time Chinese generals would train Hackers midway through a battle in order to stop their funds running out. The Internet center was useful for keeping Hackers safe from enemy units, but was not always considered essential. As they gained experience, Hackers could acquire more and more money at a time. Should a Hacker is ordered to hack either a building or unsecured bank account, they will stand down, deploy their laptop and stay in the position until the hacker activity is stopped. Hacking money can gain experience value to them and earn them veterancy, this in turn increase the hacking value of each hacker. Dollar per dollar, a heroic hacker can gain more funds compared to Black market and Supply drop zone.


However, being defenseless infantry units, Hackers required protection at all times, and were ripe targets of opportunity for any enemy unit, whether being run over by vehicles or simply shot at freely by any infantry unit. Hackers have absolutely no kind of protection whatsoever against nuclear radiation or toxic chemicals, and were vulnerable to such weapon strikes.

Should the ability be available, the GLA's Rebel Ambush can easily pick off a group of unsuspecting Hackers, which is a heavy loss to any Chinese general who is relying on them for income in the late-game phase.



  • An excellent support infantry
  • Rapidly generates money via Internet Hack
  • Promotion allows Hackers to hack more money and disable buildings faster
  • General Shin Fai can train hacker to Black Lotus skill level (further talent)
  • Main alternate source for money income for china when they can't find any supplies for gathering or if there are no oil derricks on the existing map these units are pretty useful at this situation
  • Fastest Money Fund provider of all faction in the game


  • Completely defenseless
  • Immobile while using Internet Hack
  • Must allocate large-scale formations defend these valuable units
  • Internet Center can protect only 8 hackers
  • it takes time duration to set up their laptop for money hacking ability through the internet
  • they cannot do fund money providing through money hack on internet if they are garrisoned in any buildings except internet center

Selected Quotes

No system is safe.
- When emerging from the Barracks
Laptop in hand.
- When selected
I can cripple their facilities.
- When selected
Batteries charged.
- When selected
Uplink cables ready.
- When selected
(Heh) There's always a way in.
- When selected
I will be there soon.
- When moving
Instruction recieved.
- When moving
Okay, give me a sec.
- When moving
Going to next linkup
- When moving
Set up there?
- When moving
Hey, this hardware is expensive!
- Under fire
I'm unarmed!
- Under fire
Leave me alone, you bully!
- Under fire
They're picking on me!
- Under fire
Hacking algorithms ready.
- When ordered to hack
Terminal ready.
- When ordered to hack
Let's get connected!
- When ordered to hack
Preparing for credit transfer.
- When ordered to hacking money
I'll suck the Internet dry!
- When ordered to hacking money
Nobody will notice their money is missing!
- When ordered to hacking money
Security is minimal!
- When ordered to disable building
Encryption code is primitive!
- When ordered to disable building
No backup for this!
- When ordered to disable building
I'll let myself in, thanks.
- When ordered to disable building
Let's exchange information!
- When ordered to disable building
Booting up!
- When ordered to disable building
I'm in!
- When a building is disabled
Hack complete!
- When a building is disabled
Hehe, I've disabled their building!
- When a building is disabled
Enemy building is disabled!
- When a building is disabled
Okay, okay, I give up!
- When surrender
You got me!
- When surrender
I, I surrender - just don't hurt my computer!
- When surrender

Cut Nuclear Hacker Quotes

This briefcase is heavy.
- When selected
Uh... where should I deploy this?
- When selected
I'll start a chain reaction!
- When selected
I'll be careful not to trip it.
- When moving
This is expensive equipment!
- When moving
Hmm... what does this button do?
- When planting a suitcase nuke
Inputting detonation codes!
- When planting a suitcase nuke
I hope I have time to get away...!
- When planting a suitcase nuke
Preparing activation sequence!
- When planting a suitcase nuke



Hmm... what does this button do?
- Nuclear Hacker's unused quote
  • Nuke General Tsing Shi Tao was originally meant to have his own unique version of the hacker dubbed the Nuclear Hacker, which had the ability to plant suitcase nuclear bombs at any location. Only the voiceset for this hacker remains, as the unit itself was scrapped early on before release. The Shockwave mod restores the Nuclear Hacker.


  • In terms of game mechanism, Hacker's Internet Hack ability is essentially the same as "deploy" function in earlier games in C&C franchise. In single player missions of Generals, whenever a cutscene is played, all hackers will be forced to "undeployed" position, interrupting the cash inflow. This is most evident in Mission 4, when Chinese troops approach the toxin tractor, and in Mission 6, when mobs start to swarm the city. After the cutscene, the player must resume all Hacker operation manually.
  • An audio glitch exists in Zero Hour - whenever a Hacker is killed, death cry of a Red Guard is used. In vanila Generals, hackers do have their own unique death cry.

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