Hail Mary
Hail Mary
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Yuri's Revenge

Hail Mary is a two player skirmish map for Yuri's Revenge.


The map takes place in a stadium that is surrounded by car parks in the north-west, south-west, south-east and north-east. On these, there are two ore fields in both the south-west and north-east positions. They also have two Tech Oil Derricks near them. Four of the Tech Oil Derricks each are located in both the south-east and north-west positions. Near them are two dumpsters each. In the stadium, the grass surrounds the top bit and it is inside the stadium grounds at the bottom. Two ore fields sit near the players' position, while a gem field is sitting in the middle of the battlefield.

With Civilians watching from the stand to see which faction wins, at least eight flags surround the stadium grounds near the stands. The south-west player's position have the flags of Germany, the United States of America and Libya behind him or her as the player. The north-east player's position have the flags of Cuba, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and France. At the points of where some female cheerleaders are is the flags of both South Korea and Great Britain. Only one flag is missing from the map: the flag of Iraq.

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The name of the map is a reference to the football term with the same name, which is fitting for the map due to its design that resembles a football field.
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