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For the predecessor of the same name, see Hammerhead (Tiberium Wars).

Hammerhead, gettin' some lift!
- Hammerhead pilot

The Hammerhead is a heavy gunship employed by the Global Defense Initiative in Tiberian Twilight.


Unlike its predecessor, the new Hammerhead is a jet-powered aircraft with two pivoting jet engines at each wingtip. It is armed with a single minigun and four rocket packs, all facing forward. The armament seems to have been optimized for the air superiority role, making it the GDI equivalent of the Nod Salamander.

The rotary cannon is notably effective against Venoms, infantry, and light vehicles, whilst the rockets are primarily used against Nod Cobras and Scalpels with a sufficient efficiency against the newer, stronger armor featured on such vehicles. With the Berserker Engines upgrade, the Hammerhead can temporarily increase its rate of fire dramatically at the cost of accuracy and a slower maximum velocity. This ability gives it a great advantage when facing large groups of light craft especially since such aircraft tend travel in tight formations.

The Hammerhead's heavy armor is vulnerable to laser-type weapons, however.[1] Similar to its predecessor, the Hammerhead is not constructed in the Crawler per se; instead, it cruises at a high altitude, waiting to be requested by GDI Support Commanders. When the request is filled, it will descend to the field of battle.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses it to destroy several units with its ability.



  • Hammerhead, getting some lift!


  • Hell comes from the sky!
  • Justice in a tin can!
  • I'm right here!
  • I'm your man!
  • Watching the skies!
  • Clean and clear!
  • Got a bogey for us?
  • Hammerhead!


  • I'm with you!
  • Yep!
  • We're not waiting around!
  • Sure!
  • Easy!
  • Catch that, boys?
  • Already left!
  • Let's spin it!
  • Something good?


  • Take 'em down!
  • Full spread!
  • Have a free sample!
  • He dead!
  • Can't hide!
  • They don't know me!
  • Smoke 'em!

Berzerker Engines

  • It's that time, baby!
  • Yeeha!
  • Shower time!

Move to Attack

  • Hunting season, boys!
  • 'S about to get real hot!
  • Fasten your seat belts!
  • Alright, everyone ready?!
  • Already on it!
  • They ain't get dressed up for nothin'!

In Combat

  • Keep it up!
  • They are so done!
  • We're taking it to 'em!
  • They got nothin'!
  • Just scratch in a little paint!

Under Attack

  • They're on me!
  • Now that does it!
  • Oh you're messin' with me?!
  • Gotta get rid of these guys!


  • I'm done with that!
  • I could use a little break!
  • That's it boys!



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