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Cut off the Nod reinforcements flowing into Hampton Roads by disrupting their port operations. You'll do this from the inside, infiltrating an elite GDI commando into the facility. Take their radar offline by destroying the Nod Operations Center. Once they're blind, take out their nearby stealth bomber base. Rs soon as Nod's bombers are out of action, we'll send in a fleet of battleships and you can use sniper units to spot targets for the big guns.
- Mission briefing

Retaking Hampton Roads is one of two missions available after defending the Pentagon. Its objective is securing the Hampton Roads naval base for GDI once more to allow the Initiative to bring in reinforcements and cut off Nod from its own.[1]


After Nod took Hampton Roads in a cunning precision strike, they began bringing in large amounts of reinforcements to strengthen their offensive at BZ-2. This has simultaneously shut off GDI's ability to bring in their own forces in bulk. To rectify this, local GDI command decided to retake the port using first a commando to knock out Nod's ability to call in for reinforcements and their Vertigo resupply base and then use Atlantic fleet battleships to destroy Nod forces occupying the port.

New units

  • GDI Commando


The commander in charge of the mission guided a single commando into the area. Once he entered the battle-riddled shipyard, he immediately killed a squad of Black Hand troopers. The first objective was to destroy Nod's Operations Center to prevent Nod sending out a distress signal. Making his way through the damaged shipyard, he encountered a couple of Nod patrols. At the vicinity of the Operations Center the commando jumped over a burning barricade and ambushed another squad of Black Hand soldiers. The Operations Center was then destroyed by the commando's demolition charge.

Three GDI battleships were then sighted off the port, and four Nod Vertigo bombers destroyed one of them in a bombing raid. The battleships were unable to target the Air Tower without the correct coordinates so the commando was then ordered to destroy the Nod Air Tower and prevent the Vertigos from rearming and refueling. He fought his way to the Air Tower through countless waves of Fanatics and rocket squads, utilizing the highly explosive barrels that were placed carelessly around the shipyard to defeat the heretics. The commando finally managed to reach the tower and destroy it before the Vertigo bombers took off again, and also destroyed the nearby power plant for good measure.

With Nod's air power gone, GDI could now send in reinforcements via V-35 Ox transports. Sniper teams, missile squads and Guardian APCs were brought into the port to clean up the rest of the Nod forces, who were now aware of the GDI counterattack. Nod countered with attack bikes though each attack was destroyed with assistance from the GDI battleships. The Nod base was soon destroyed, yet unconfirmed reports suggest that the commando did all the work alone, avoiding vehicles, without help from reinforcements. GDI had retaken Hampton Roads.


With air superiority reestablished in Blue Zone B2 and reinforcements coming in from Hampton Roads, GDI was on the counterattack and prepared to drive Nod out of Washington DC.


GDI - Hampton Roads


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