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The Hampton Roads naval base was a GDI naval base located on the eastern seaboard of the United States. It was the largest naval base in North America.[1]


GDI's port authority building

Nod air tower at Hampton Roads

In 2047, during the opening stage of the Third Tiberium War, the Brotherhood of Nod launched an attack on the Northeastern Blue Zone. With all GDI air bases in the region either destroyed or occupied by Nod, the aircraft carrier GDS Pathe, stationed at the Hampton Roads naval base, became the sole provider of air support in the region.[1] In response, the Brotherhood smuggled a commando into the base via cargo, who was able to sink the Pathe, allowing Nod reinforcements to arrive by air. The Nod strike team then destroyed GDI's port authority building, allowing Nod to take control of the naval base and use it to bring in reinforcements for its continued offensive.[1]

After capturing the base, Nod began using it as a supply depot for reinforcements. It constructed a number of new structures, including an operations center for radar and sonar detection, an air tower for resupplying Vertigo bombers, and production structures to supply their reinforcements.[2] Reinforcements from Hampton Roads allowed Nod to defeat GDI's remaining forces in Washington, D.C. and claim the city.[3]

After successfully defending the Pentagon from Nod, GDI launched an attack on Hampton Roads to cut off Nod reinforcements. A GDI commando infiltrated the base and destroyed both the operations center and the air tower, allowing reinforcements to land. GDI forces then wiped out the remaining production structures, forcing Nod to abandon the base.[2]


  • The Hampton Roads naval base was based on the real-life Naval Station Norfolk, the world's largest naval station.
  • The "Roads" in Hampton Roads stands for "roadstead", which is a nautical term meaning "a place less sheltered than a harbor where ships may ride at anchor".[4]


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