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The Hand of Nod is a signature structure of the Brotherhood of Nod, serving as the barracks.


It is perhaps one of Nod's most recognizable and distinct buildings, integrating the shape of a human hand into the architecture. This reflects the Brotherhood's use of symbolism. In this case, the infantry trained are the "hands" of Nod, changing the world according to Kane's will.


  • The building trains infantry and is also a prerequisite for other, more advanced structures.
  • The Hand of Nod is a production structure essential for training infantry, only one unit may be trained at a time in the build queue.
  • The more Hand of Nods that are controlled by a commander the faster infantry units will be trained.


TD Minigunner Icons.png
Costs $100. Basic infantry unit.
TD Flamethrower Icons.gif
Costs $200. Support infantry.
TD Rocket Soldier Icons.png
Costs $300. Anti-armor and anti-air infantry.
Can engage ground and air targets.
Engineer cameo cnc.png
Costs $500. Support infantry.
TD Chemical Warrior Icons.gif
Costs $300. Advanced infantry. Requires Temple of Nod.
Immune to Tiberium. Multiplayer-only unit.
TD Commando Icons.png
Costs $1000. Special forces. Requires advanced communications center/Temple of Nod.
Instant kills infantry and buildings.


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