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The second-generation Hand of Nod was a Nod infantry training and housing facility during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict.


The Hand of Nod had a very low profile and its exterior was shaped like a human hand, grasping the ground. Almost all of its internal facilities were located underground. From a statement by CABAL, it was revealed that Nod had their infantry "shipped" onto the structure in hibernated state (in a specialized container) and awakened on site to be deployed. The Hand of Nod was replaced by the next generation of the Hand of Nod.

Game building

The Hand of Nod takes up 6 ground tiles. Only 5 units may be trained at a time in the build queue. The more Hands of Nod a player owns, the faster the infantry production will be.


The Hand of Nod can train the following infantry:


  • Certain animations were disabled for unknown reasons. For instance, the antennas next to the Hand of Nod were supposed to blink.


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