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CNCTW Hand of Nod Cameo

The iconic Hand of Nod, as always, appears in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath with its role being an infantry training facility for Nod forces. This iteration of Hand of Nod allows a Nod commander to train a set of infantries as a squad rather than individually.


The design of the structure was overhauled following the Second Tiberium War, as the underground facilities of the earlier design proved to be effective, but also extremely dangerous should GDI manage to destroy the outer frame of the structure, as members of the Brotherhood would become trapped in the now isolated catacombs. The new building has a much smoother frame, with the hand again extending into the air grasping a globe. Its role continued to be an infantry training center.

The new structure also doubles as a place of learning for aspiring Nod members, a sanctuary for fanatics and their departure rituals, and a Confessor interrogation center.


As the basic infantry training structure, the Hand is a bit more narrow than its GDI equivalent, making it easier to deploy in tight quarters.

When sold or destroyed, the hand loses its grip on the globe clutches and the falls to the ground. The globe keeps rolling and before stopping, it can damage or destroy any unit it encounters.

Produced infantry

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Militant Squad Cameo
CNCKW Militants Cameo
Militant Nod Call for transport
CNCKW Confessor 2 Cameo Confessor Cabal BH Hallucinogenic Grenades
CNCKW Awakened Cameo Awakened MoK Call for transport
EMP Blast
CNCTW Militant Rocket Squad Cameo Militant rocket squad none Call for transport
CNCTW Saboteur Cameo Saboteur none Capture structures
Repair structures and bridges
Call for transport
Booby Trap
CNCTW Shadows Cameo Shadow Team Secret Shrine
Nod and MoK
Glide Packs
Explosive Charge
Deploy Artillery Beacon
CNCKW Enlightened Cameo Enlightened Secret Shrine
Call for transport
EMP Blast
CNCTW Fanatics Cameo Fanatics Operations Center Call for transport
CNCTW Black Hand Cameo Black Hand Operations Center
Nod and BH
Call for transport
CNCKW Tiberium Trooper Cameo Tiberium trooper Operations Center
Call for transport
CNCTW Nod Commando Cameo Commando Secret Shrine
Tech Lab
Call for transport



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