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The third iteration of the Hand of Nod was the Brotherhood of Nod's infantry production structure during the Third Tiberium War and the Second Nod Reunification War.


The Hand of Nod served as a barracks and an armory, providing shelter, supplies, and training to Nod soldiers.[1] It was also a place of learning for militants, a sanctuary for fanatics as they perform their departure rituals, and an interrogation center for Confessors. Saboteurs and Commandos may also choose to bunk down in the Hand of Nod prior to launching their secret operations.[2]

Game structure[]

As the basic infantry training structure, the Hand is a bit more narrow than its GDI equivalent, making it easier to deploy in tight quarters.

When sold or destroyed, the hand loses its grip on the globe clutches and the falls to the ground. The globe keeps rolling and before stopping, it can damage or destroy any unit it encounters.


Tier 1[]

Tier 2[]

Tier 3[]



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