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For other uses, see Harvester.

Moving Harvesters on to Missile Platforms is a great way to sneakily gain missile control
- Game tip

Harvesters are utilized by GDI and Nod in Command & Conquer: Rivals to harvest Tiberium. [2] A second Harvester can be deployed at level 9. Their rate of extracting Tiberium increases as the match progresses.[3]

Unlike in previous games, they do not require a refinery to unload Tiberium in.

Game unit[]

Apart from supporting the battlefield economy, harvesters can be used hold pads at the critical moment in the game. When a missile is about to fire, move the harvester on the pad thus freeing up a unit to contest the other pads.

Harvesters should be well protected, otherwise the opponent will be able to kill harvesters and boost their own economy. To counter early attacks on harvesters, either build a scouting unit right away or build harvester and then a scout. Building two harvester one after another makes them very vulnerable to rushes.

When the final missile is about to launch, harvesters are almost useless and can be sacrificed to free up population cap. If a unit is harassing a harvester in the final seconds, it is usually a mistake, since it means that the unit is not doing the most important thing -- contesting the pads.

If harvesters are at a low health, they can be healed by a friendly fire. For example, blow up with a Catalyst missile the friendly harvester and it can be replaced with a new one for free. If the harvester was harassed a the time, the harassers will be blown up as well.

Although in the game they are classified as vehicles, the damage is calculated differently to other vehicles.


GDI quotes[]

When selected[]

  • Harvester here
  • Harvester
  • Harvester reporting

When moving[]

  • Moving out
  • Crystals are calling
  • Rolling
  • You got it!
  • Harvester ready to collect

When under attack[]

  • Harvester under attack
  • We're outgunned!
  • Protect the Tiberium

Nod quotes[]

When selected[]

  • Ready to serve
  • Faith in Nod
  • Control the crystals

When moving[]

  • Time to harvest
  • Harvester moving
  • The Tiberium is calling
  • For the crystals
  • Carefully now!

When under attack[]

  • No! The crystals!
  • Defend the Tiberium!
  • Do not lose the crystals!



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