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The second-generation harvester is the Tiberium gatherer used by GDI and Nod during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict.


As the need to harvest Tiberium in more remote regions became apparent, the harvester design was overhauled, and by 2030, both sides used a multi-wheel truck platform with advanced grabbers to gather it. The truck is sturdier and more boxy than its predecessor, with an easily detachable container mounted on its rear end.

Game unit

Unlike the previous iteration, enemy AI does not immediately react to their harvesters being attacked unless the attacked harvester is accompanied by escort units.

Due to the newly discovered blue Tiberium being highly volatile, some commanders even ordered their harvesters to take a suicide dive into the opponent's base, turning them into makeshift demolition trucks.



  • In the official guide book released in mainland China, the harvester is directly translated as "收割机", given the fact Tiberium grows like crops and can be "harvested" like crops.
  • On the skirmish map Ice Cliffs, a unique snowplow variant of harvester can be found without a container attached.


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