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I have trouble.
- Hassan to GDI general James Solomon

Hassan was the Brotherhood of Nod's supreme general in the eastern hemisphere prior to the Second Tiberium War. A "would-be Pharaoh", he ruled over the largest Nod splinter faction from a stronghold in CairoEgypt. Hassan secretly was in league with the Global Defense Initiative, as he brokered a deal with GDI general James Solomon, who helped him to stay in power in exchange for maintaining the status quo in GDI's favor.


In order to ensure his continued primacy within the Brotherhood, Hassan cut a deal with GDI's general Solomon - in return for intel on Nod activities, GDI would allow him to lead the Brotherhood.[1]

Hassan was a weak ruler, keeping the Brotherhood away from total oblivion by the thinnest of hairs.[1] He also acted as GDI's cleaner, removing the most dangerous elements of Nod on Solomon's behalf, typically by killing them.


Framing him as one of your spies was a big mistake—he has more support than we thought!
- Hassan discusses Anton Slavik's failed execution with general Solomon

Acting on orders from Solomon,[2] Hassan had Anton Slavik arrested on falsified charges of GDI espionage. He sentenced the famous Nod commander to death, but before the sentence could be carried out Slavik was sprung by his second-in-command Oxanna Kristos and other loyalists; setting in motion events that would result in Hassan's death, the return of Kane, and the commencement of the Second Tiberium War.[3]

In hindsight, Hassan realized that trying to discredit the leader of the Black Hand was a fatal mistake, and that Slavik had much greater support in the Brotherhood than he and GDI believed. As such, Hassan tried to beg Solomon for more help, but all he got in return was a cold shoulder, as Anton Slavik's growing power now rendered Hassan useless to GDI.[2]

Hassan used mass media to maintain control over the Brotherhood. Slavik struck a critical blow to his regime by capturing and subverting the mass media outlet responsible for much of Hassan's propaganda.[2] With many of his followers now deserting him, Hassan was eventually besieged by Slavik's forces in his stronghold near Cairo.

Hassan attempted to escape in a Harpy as his defenses collapsed, but was shot down and captured alive by the Black Hand.[4] The "would-be Pharaoh" was soon after executed by Anton Slavik before the whole of the Brotherhood. This event marked Kane's return, and the start of the Second Tiberium War.[5]


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