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25px-Disambig.png For the Renegade character of the same codename, see Nick Seymour Parker.

Use a GDI Commando to infiltrate the Nod base. **** ** destroy the ******** so that the base is incapacitated. Get in, hit it, and get the **** out.
- Mission briefing

Havoc is the sixth mission in the GDI campaign of Tiberian Dawn.


Following the GDI victories in Germany and Ukraine and with Sheppard still in the UN, James Solomon had been placed under the direct command of J.C. Carter. Following the Czech Republics defection to the Nod cause J.C. Carter had been tasked with commanding the GDI forces invading the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately for GDI, there was a base in Ostrava that was threatening GDI forces. To cripple this base, the airfield had to be destroyed. To destroy the base, GDI had sent a commando.

New units

  • Commando
  • Transport helicopter


Due to interference in communications between the commander and Carter, it was unclear which Nod building was to be destroyed.

The commando was brought to a small pair of islands at the edge of the area. Once there, he destroyed the two SAM sites located there. When the SAM sites were destroyed, a Chinook helicopter arrived to carry the commando unit to the mainland, staying to help transport it when necessary. The commando worked his way towards the Nod base. Along the way, he successfully avoided any Nod vehicles which his weapons could not adequately damage.

Once at the base, a decision had to be made as to which building needed to be destroyed. It is not known if the commando unit correctly determined that it was to destroy the airstrip. Having destroyed the building the commando unit fled.

Note: If the commando destroys the airstrip, the subsequent mission, Destroy the Airstrip, is skipped as this is the "correct" choice. However, it should be noted that whichever other building is destroyed in this mission is still destroyed in Finish The Nod Base and will NOT be rebuilt. Therefore, if you plan to complete that mission, an important building such as the Refinery should be targeted to make it easier.


Wrong building was destroyed

While the base was weakened by the loss of whatever building the commando unit has blown up, GDI had to send in the tanks to destroy the base themselves.

Airstrip was destroyed

With the Czech Republic secured GDI forces advanced further south.

By destroying the airstrip the Commando unit prevented Nod forces were crippled and the base most likely surrendered.

Nod forces however still tried to take over nations, this time attacking Italy. At the same time their conquest of Turkey allowed them to launch their assault on Ukraine, which included an amphibious assault on the southern coast made possible by Nod control of the Black Sea.


The player just gets a commando and a transport helicopter. Avoid any vehicles, kill any infantry, bomb the SAM sites and destroy the airstrip, otherwise destroying the wrong building will result in the next mission where you have to destroy the whole Nod base.

Full unedited briefing

In the bonus gallery of Command & Conquer: Remastered, the entire line that is otherwise intentionally garbled is available once the mission is finished:

Commander, Carter here. This map shows your next objective. Nod's built quite a presence up here. It's absolutely essential that you get this infantry commando across the compound and into their center of operations, making sure to avoid all Nod vehicles. He just needs enough time to blast the airstrip and get the hell back out. It's the airstrip we want, don't bother wasting time with anything else.
- Carter


  • This is the only GDI mission, aside from Covert Ops missions, to feature a Commando. These units appear more often in the Nod campaign, likely due to stealth operations being more common for Nod than GDI.


Soldiers infiltrating a base (mission start cinematic)
GDI 6A - Havoc
Tiberian Dawn and The Covert Operations missions