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Havoc Takes on Westwood was a promotional film for Command & Conquer: Renegade created by Westwood Studios and released on November 27, 2001. The film features the protagonist Havoc raiding the offices of Westwood to make sure the developers do not miss the game's shipping date again. Despite this, the game was once again delayed to release in early 2002.


After missing the shipping date for Renegade, Havoc is sent in to embarrass and humiliate the employees. He barges into a marketing meeting and orders the staff to drop and do push-ups, has executive producer Dam Cermak put on a dress, and stuffs lead game designer David Yee into a trash can before going on a rampage trashing the Westwood offices.

He finally confronts Joe Kucan, the evil dictator of Westwood himself... only to ask him for an autograph and a photo. His mission completed, Havoc is extracted by vice president of PC sales Tim Eifert and leaves onboard an MRAP.



Havoc Takes on Westwood


  • When Havoc meets Joseph D. Kucan for an autograph and photo, Kucan's last name was misspelled as Coogin.

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