The Hawkeye ramjet rifle is an anti-materiel sniper rifle appearing in Renegade.


The Hawkeye fires jet-propelled shells at extreme velocities, capable of piercing even the heaviest body armour and damaging military ordnance. In order to manage the extreme recoil, a piston is installed above the barrel, to handle its movement, while the bullpup design allows for a smaller size of the weapon without compromising accuracy.

The scope itself has a built-in night vision module and a directional microphone.


In multiplayer, the Ramjet Rifle is available to players who purchase either Havoc or Sakura, and offers a powerful anti-artillery and anti-infantry tool. It is also deadly against aircraft due to their light armor. Like all other anti-personnel weapons, this weapon did a pitiful amount of damage against heavier armor.

In the campaign, the Ramjet Rifle only appears once, in the eleventh mission of the game, Tomorrow's Technology Today. It can be found wielded by a Black Hand soldier on the roof of the Nod Communications Center. Under normal means, the Ramjet Rifle is inaccessible to the player, but through the use of the edit_vehicle Console Command, it is possible to acquire. Additional ammunition does not spawn for it however, so you'll only get ten shots. before the weapon is worthless. The images below show the steps of acquiring the Ramjet Rifle.

Here is a video demonstrating how to acquire the Ramjet Rifle.

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