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The Heavy tank is the Soviet Union's main battle tank in Red Alert 1. While the tank is purely fictional, the tank resembles a T-80U in cut scenes, albeit with a twin-barreled main armament.


This tank epitomizes the basic approach of the Red Army: overwhelming firepower. They are stronger than the Allied tanks but more expensive to produce, and slower. Soviet commanders can even the odds by constructing more than one War Factory in order to produce Heavy tanks faster, thus allowing them to overwhelm Allied tanks (this of course requires a lot of resources).


The Heavy tank was replaced by the Rhino heavy tank by the Third World War.

Game Unit

The basic tank of the Soviets, the Heavy Tank is equipped with twin 105mm cannons, giving it twice the punch of the nearest Allied equivalent during initial contact, the Medium tank. It sacrifices movement speed and rate of fire for this bonus, but the net result still makes it a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Like the medium tank, the vulnerability to infantry applies here, though to a slightly lesser degree as each volley still does appreciable amounts of damage to single infantry targets.

Contrary to popular belief, the heavy tank does not deal twice the damage per second compared to the Medium Tank. Though it sports twin 105mm cannons, the medium tank sports a single 90mm cannon which shoots faster than the Heavy Tank's 105mm cannon while dealing the same damage. By the time it takes a medium tank to fire out 7 shots, a heavy tank has fired out 10.

In one of the expansion missions a malfunctioning Chronosphere altered the weapons of units, causing its guns to discharge lightning instead.


  • Most cutscenes portray the heavy tank as a double-barreled T-80, although heavy tank's twin guns are shorter/smaller than the T-80's single main gun.
  • While it is a double-barreled tank, some cutscenes show it as having only a single barrel (resembling a normal T-80U, although the gun is noticeably smaller than that on the real-life T-80). This could be a developer oversight, or that the single-barreled versions were earlier models from which the twin-barreled version was developed; When the player first meets Georgi Kukov in the second Soviet mission, several single-barreled Soviet tanks are seen in the background, including one which strongly resembles a T-54. Another possibility is that they were developed as lower-cost variants of the double-barreled Heavy tank.
  • The in-game heavy tank sprite has a lot of resemblance to GDI's medium tank of Tiberian Dawn. In fact, the Allied medium tank, Soviet heavy tank, and GDI medium tank all use the same hull sprite in-game, but with different turret sprites.
  • In real life, a tank with a twin barrel armament of heavy guns in the main turret is impractical. By the end of World War II, in the Soviet Army there was a project of a tank with dual 100mm or 122mm cannons named ST-II, but it was rejected, because single large caliber gun already occupies much space in the turret, giving limited room for the crew instead to aim and fire, while providing no additional penetrating power. Dual gun setups are used by ground forces only in anti-aircraft artillery, like in case of Flakpanzer Gepard and ZSU-57-2, or anti-personel vehicles like BMPT "Terminator" and Panzer I  that need high rate of fire to defeat lightly armoured enemies difficult to hit being either small (infantry) or fast and distant (aircraft). The superior penetrating power of single high-caliber cannon is needless in such case, while additional projectiles increase chance of hitting the target. These guns are, however, fully automatic, unlike cannons planned to mount on ST-II.

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  • Stronger than the light and medium tank in terms of raw firepower and armor.
  • Quite speedy for a heavy tank.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Powerful in numbers.
  • Cheaper and faster than a mammoth tank
  • Will win one-on-one fight against its light and medium tank counterparts.
  • The most powerful main battle tank in the game.
  • Does appreciable damage to infantry per double shot volley.


  • The most expensive MBT ($950)
  • Not very effective against infantry, other than crushing
  • Vulnerable to anti-vehicles units
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • Does not fare well against mammoth tank, unless purchased in larger numbers
  • Slower than light and medium tanks
  • Often outnumbered by the allied tanks due to they are made slower than even medium tanks



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