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Heavy tank
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Affiliation RAM Logo Soviets.png Soviet Union
Cost $700
Produced by War factory
The damage is too extensive!
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Following the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Soviet Union was devastated by the war against Yuri and the Allies and its economy was in ruin. Not being able to mass produce legions of tanks like before, Soviet scientists introduced a new tank design to replace the Rhino Tank and the design entered in service during the Post-war Crisis, and was simply called the Heavy tank. This tank had fairly medium armor and could be mass produced more efficiently than the old Rhino. However it came at a cost, as the Allies had introduced their Paladin Tank which was notably tougher than the old Grizzly tank. For this reason, this tank was not able to win in an one-on-one fight against the Paladin.

They were first use to help Natasha to recapture an airbase and destroy an enemy base. Later on, they were used to destroy a blockade to a Soviet base and destroy the base that captured it. Then, they helped Natasha steal blueprints for the Time Machine. They courageously defended the Time Machine Parts and were used again for the battle to defend the time machine.

They were not seen in the new Third World War due to the change in the space-time continuum, having been replaced by the more powerful Hammer tank.


  • The tank's design strongly resembles a WWII IS-2 heavy or a T-34-85 medium tank (even its performance matches its historical counterpart).


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