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Black Hand heavy weapons soldiers, referred to simply as Black Hand in-game and laser chaingunners by the community, are elite Nod infantry encountered in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


Knowing that stealth and speed are sometimes not enough, the Black Hand has trained its own heavy weapons specialists to cope with threats that require superior armor, superior firepower and superior training. These specialists wear full body heavy assault armors with integrated rebreathers to provide protection from environmental hazards and enemy fire.

They are armed with all kinds of heavy weapons, including a Condor chaingun, a Tarantula laser chaingun, the Locust rocket launchers, while the most elite specialists carry Volt auto rifles to combat.


The specialist is a higher tier enemy. With lots of HP to spare and good aim, taking one of these down is problematic. They are easily killed with sniper weaponry, but the sheer amounts they come in during the later missions nearly makes the strategy useless. Therefore, heavy weaponry such as the Volt auto rifle are recommended.

In multiplayer, its one of the more universal classes, as their laser chaingun is good for taking down both infantry and vehicles. Coming at a cheap price of 450 credits, it is a bargain and a very good buy for players who quickly need something effective for base defense and assaults, but cannot afford any of the tier 3 characters.


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