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Heightened Clearance is an upgrade for Allied Construction Yards and Command Hubs. For 1500 credits, it grants the commander access to tier 2 technologies. Allowing the commander to

Airfield with Heightened Clearance Upgrade, hence the two blue lights.

deploy more powerful units, construct advanced structures, as well as requesting Max Clearance.

Note that the clearance signal can only be broadcast in a small radius around the Construction Yard or the Command Hub. Any structures outside of the broadcast radius cannot produce tier 2 units until a Construction Yard/Command Hub near them purchases the clearance upgrade.

Units unlocked by Heightened Clearance
Barracks Armor Facility Airfield Naval Yard
Spy Guardian Tank Cryocopter Assault Destroyer
Cryo Legionnaire* Pacifier FAV*
*= Requires Defense Bureau

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