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Helipads are aircraft maintenance facilities that appear in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


Helipads served as landing areas for aircraft and were required for the resupply of Apache and Orca aerial units. Both GDI and Nod installations required at least one of these structures if aircraft were to be stationed there in combat-ready state.

Helipads are simple structures, consisting of little more than a circular landing area with two ramps opposite each other to allow easy loading and unloading of equipment. Unlike their Tiberian Dawn counterpart, the landing lights took the form of a ring around the edge of the landing area with the owning faction’s insignia in the middle.


In campaign missions, Helipads are usually objectives to destroy in order to deprive Nod of air support. If Apache helicopters are seen then there is a good chance a Helipad is nearby.

Because they are simple structures, there is no Master Control Terminal to speak of. They can however be destroyed quite easily with weapons such as Rocket Launchers and Flamethrowers, as well as the usual C4 when it comes to destroying buildings.


Although both GDI and Nod used Helipads for their respective aircraft in the First Tiberium War, the conflict Renegade is set in, GDI Helipads are not seen in game. They do not usually appear in multiplayer games.

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