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The Helipad is a support structure designed to build, refuel and rearm small aircraft such as Apaches or ORCAs. Without it, the aircraft would be left without ammunition to perform any offensive role.


The Brotherhood of Nod as well as the GDI used them as staging areas for their air forces during both the First and Second Tiberium Wars. While originally designed to support only rotary wing aircraft, these pads were adapted by GDI to support the new ORCA Assault Craft. The design little changed since the Second World War, as it has proven itself to be effective and allowed for quick rearming and refueling of the aircraft. The helipad was upgraded in the Second Tiberium War.


Just like its predecessor on Red Alert, the cost of construction also include VTOL airplane assigned to it. The airplane is unique for each faction. If a faction can capture other faction's helipad, chances are they can gain access to the airplane unique only to other originally constructing it. The facility is only to supply the airplane. To repair an airplane, the commander must put the airplane to the repair pad for repairing and maintenance. Engineer and supply command provision enable captured VTOL airplane originally available only to other faction can be reloaded, refuel, and replenished accordingly. Interestingly due to a bug unique to Tiberian Dawn it actually builds at a rate as if it only cost of $300 this is due to game not considering the cost of the apache when determining the helipad's build rate. Helipads since the only requires a barracks and has a fast build rate so can be used to rush the enemies base early on, this could of course be stopped by scouting and preparing a defence with rocket soldiers. Nod commanders cannot build helipads unless they capture a GDI conyard.



Icon Unit Requirements Ability
TD ORCA Assault Craft Icons Orca Barracks


TD Transport Icons Chinook

Transport 5 infantry


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
TD Apache Icons Apache Hand of Nod


TD Transport Icons Chinook

Transport 5 infantry


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