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The Helipad is a support structure designed to build, refuel and rearm small aircraft such as Apaches or ORCAs. Without it, the aircraft would be left without ammunition to perform any offensive role.


However, as the technology became more sophisticated, the helipads evolved. In the Second Tiberium War, the weapons were much more complex and required longer reload times due to them being integrated within the frame of the aircraft at a greater level than previous generation gunships. Nod redesigned the original circular platforms, relocating the fuel tanks and weapon racks to the outside to allow swift rearming and refueling of Harpy assault helicopters and Banshee fighters, while GDI developed what essentially was a bunker with a helicopter landing pad on it's top, which was compatible with most ORCA aircraft, this including Orca Fighter, Orca Bomber, and Orca Carryall.


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