For Heroic (Red Alert) and Unit veterancy (Tiberium).
Heroic Icons

All three factions' Heroic rank icons

Heroic is the highest level of unit veterancy attainable. These legendary soldiers and vehicle crews can deal out far more damage than usual, and their formidable defense is bolstered further. In addition, heroic soldiers can patch their wounds in the field (though they cannot replace lost squadmates), and heroic pilots are experts in repairing their vehicles.


Heroic Units
Heroic Tanks

A Predator Tank, Flame Tank and a Seeker with Heroic Status.

can appear in both C&C3 Games. It is an obtainable rank for any form of combat unit.

Once achieved, Heroic units gain the upper hand in a one-to-one fight against a non-heroic counterpart. The damage is dealt 3x than normal as well as enduring 3x as much punishment, making the unit much harder to kill.

As a visual hue, munitions used by such forces glow red as a result. This is mainly due to the fact that red is a hazardous colour. However, some units have a different, but unique colouring, to their weapons; such as the Nod Beam Cannon, whose lasers are blue when they achieve Heroic Status.

As well as their supreme defensive and offensive augmentations, Heroic Units gain a self-repair passive ability, further extending field operation. This is somewhat more important to aerial units who are being fielded consistantly, mainly patrol duties. As well as being able to heal/repair on the fly, Heroic Units have an improved rate of fire, doing more damage quicker than usual. This is best seen when a Heroic Commando that can mow down large hordes of infantry quicker.

However, despite these heightened abilites, they may be outnumbered with superior numbers. As a result, the unit(s) that kill a enemy Heroic unit gain a substantial rank boost for killing such an enemy. Protect your Heroic units well by assigning grunts.

The Black Hand, alongside training any flame based vehicle with veteren status, can have two Commandos both at Heroic Rank.

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