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High-Water Mark is a side challenge in Commander's Challenge.


Commanders Shinzo and Hill have fought on nearly a dozen occasions in the past, and even now they're prepare to have at it again, out in the middle of the Pacific. So get ready to get wet; we rarely have the opportunity to examine the Imperial and Allied navies in such a pristine, controlled environment. Because those two are carrying an old grudge, they'll surely direct most of their pent-up aggression towards each other. Just be ready to clean up after them.

Strategies and Notes

  • Destroy Shinzo's base next to yours first and quickly.
  • Douglas and Shinzo will send engineers to every tech building.
  • Aircraft Carriers are helpless when you send an anti-air flier to shoot down their bombers.
  • Shinzo has access to Rocket Angels and every Naval unit except the Giga Fortress
  • You don't need to rely on naval units. You have aircraft.
Red Alert 3 and Uprising missions