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For other uses, see Hijacker.

The Hijacker is a Nod infantry unit during the Ascension Conflict.

The Nod Hijacker is one of two infantry units that can hijack vehicles as of the Final War, the other being the legless form of the Cybernetic Commando.[1]

The Hijacker is a quick, light infantry unit that can capture enemy vehicles in melee. She has less health and speed than the Cybernetic Commando, but is augmented with a variety of helpful abilities, including an aura that scrambles enemy weaponry and a powerful virus. When a hijacked vehicle is destroyed, the Hijacker pops out, ready to take over another target.

Several achievements can be earned if the player uses it to hijack several vehicles and the player uses it to infect several units.


When Created

  • Let's see what they've got.
  • Need some new toys?
  • Have a little work for me?

When Selected

  • So, What do you think?
  • Time for shopping?
  • What are you after?
  • Hello darling.
  • Happy to cause a little mayhem.

When Ordered to use Weapon Scrambler

  • I have something for you.
  • My favorite.
  • Just spreading the love.
  • Here, Catch!
  • Compliments of the Chef.

When Selected while in Battle

  • Almost there.
  • Just a few more seconds.
  • Be patient.
  • Gotta get this finished.
  • All in a day's work.

When Under Fire

  • I'd rather avoid shedding blood.
  • Vindictive bunch aren't they!
  • Are you just going to let them attack me?!
  • I can only take so much damage you know.
  • Hey! That one hurt!
  • They're attacking!
  • When Ordered to Garrison a Building
  • Anybody else coming along?
  • A little peek couldn't hurt.
  • What's there to do in there?

When Successfully hijacking Enemy Vehicles

  • Hehehehe.
  • Hehehehehehmm
  • Thanks for the ride!
  • Nice Wheels!
  • I'll try not to scratch it.

When Ordered to hijack Enemy Vehicles

  • Nice Choice.
  • I'm good for a little joyride.
  • He looks lost, Maybe I can help?
  • Hrmph, I think I like it.
  • I like a challenge.
  • Can I keep him?
  • I'll take it.
  • Sucker!

When Ordered to Retreat

  • I need a little air.
  • Break time!
  • A little help sounds good right now.



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