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25px-Disambig For the cut Red Alert 2 unit, see Hind (Red Alert 2).

Large and armored, the Hind uses its high-velocity Vulcan chain-gun to tear apart enemy units and structure. Equipped with a large ammo supply, the Hind will follow its target for quite some time, all the while wearing away at its defenses.
- Red Alert manual(src)

The Hind is an attack helicopter used by the Soviets during the Second World War.


The Hind acted as a mobile weapons platform to counter Allied infantry and destroy Allied buildings. It was used extensively against the Allies when the Allies assaulted Soviet cities and positions.

The gunship's main weapon is a chaingun, with rockets used as secondary weapons. The chaingun is capable of mowing down infantry at an alarming rate and is surprisingly effective against vehicles and buildings (due to the weapon being of a very high caliber).

The Hind had two top-mounted turboshaft engines that drove a mid-mounted five-blade main rotor and a three-blade tail rotor. Its crew of two was seated in a tandem "double-bubble" canopy. Weapon hardpoints were provided by the two short mid-mounted wings (which also provide lift), which could carry three hardpoints each. The load-out was mission dependent, so the Hind was able to provide anti-infantry, anti-tank, or anti-aircraft support with different weaponry as the need arose.


The Hinds were decommissioned before the Third World War broke out and was replaced by the Siege Chopper during the Psychic Dominator Disaster, which were, in turn, replaced with the Twinblade Gunship after the timeline was altered by Cherdenko's erasure of Einstein.

Game unit[]

A new Hind comes with each newly-built helipad (1500 credits each). A Hind by itself (without a complimentary helipad) can be ordered separately for 1200 credits, provided a Soviet helipad is built somewhere on the map. Allied players can only access the Hind by capturing a Soviet helipad (as capturing a Soviet Construction Yard will not allow the construction of a Soviet helipad).

The game's mechanics limit the Hind to an anti-infantry role, as it only used the chaingun in-game (the game did not allow for multiple weapons on a single unit). The Hind can not haul infantry or carry different weapon loadouts. In this regard, it's similar to the Nod Apache in role, in that it's a helicopter unit with machine guns. While slower, it is almost twice as durable, which means that incidental damage is a much smaller problem for it. One interesting quirk is that it carries substantially more ammunition than its predecessor, giving it much better ability to wear down buildings and heavy armored vehicles than it otherwise would.

The Hind attacks targets by hovering over the target and shooting the target. This made it considerably more accurate than the Yak attack plane.


  • Hind is the NATO reporting name of the Mil Mi-24 helicopter.
  • A Hind also appears in one promotional render for the original Command & Conquer.



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