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Hong Kong Crisis is the second mission in the Chinese campaign of Generals. It is an operation to root out GLA forces present in the city of Hong Kong.[1]


After the GLA nuclear attack on Beijing, China devoted the bulk of its resources to tracking down and eliminating other GLA cells in the country. Chinese intelligence discovered that the GLA had a major presence in the commercial center of Hong Kong and had taken over the Convention Center area as their main base. The Hong Kong authorities have tried everything from negotiation to full use of their arsenal. The best result they can gain is the containment of the GLA to the area around the convention center.

Key units[]

Gen1 Tank Hunter Icons CNCG Gattling Tank Cameo Gen1 Battlemaster Icons


Crossing the bridge[]

Initially, an armored battalion was sent across the Tsing Ma Bridge into Hong Kong to put a swift end to the crisis. A GLA patrol boat was seen speeding away from the bridge. While the battalion was crossing the span, an explosive charge goes off, and the bridge crumbles. Most of the column were destroyed, leaving two Dozers, a Battlemaster a few Red Guards and Tank Hunters to continue on.

Cleansing the city[]

Quickly, the Chinese survivors regrouped at a sports field near the destroyed Tsing Ma bridge and started to work on constructing a base. Support was given in the form of a railway station near the base capable of transporting infantry to the fight. Doing a bit of searching, the PLA was also contacted by a ferry driver who offered his aid in taking PLA forces to the convention center.

The base soon came under assault by Terrorists, car bombs and Technicals, along with GLA Toxin Tractors from the north. However, PLA command had given the Chinese forces control over an artillery battery nearby, giving the PLA forces the ability to attack from a distance without jeopardizing their own forces (especially infantry).

Taking out the toxin factories[]

Focusing on the Toxin Tractor factory, the commander kept his infantry back while he sent his tanks in to deal with the problem. Finishing off, or taking over the Arms Dealer producing the tractors, as well as the chemical plant and Toxin bunker that was looted to fulfill GLA's toxin desire, Fearing more toxin leaks, its then decided that cooperation the hospital across the rail track should be established first. Once all pawn was set, the commander focused on finishing off the forces at the convention center, sending some infantry to capture nearby Oil Derricks.

Destroying the Convention Center[]

Regrouping near the large hotel across from the center, the PLA commander advanced on the parking garages first, eliminating the GLA car bombs. Forces on the ferry moved in from the rear, striking at a GLA supply stash and cutting off funding. Seeing no other way to root out the GLA in Hong Kong without damaging the Convention Center, all Chinese forces converged on the main convention center, destroying it and trapping whatever GLA enemies were inside.


Taking back the monetary center that was Hong Kong, the PLA had also denied the GLA an important staging area off the coast of the mainland. However this was at the cost of destroying one of the city's most recognizable buildings and heavy casualties.


Establish a base first by producing a Nuclear Reactor, a Supply Center, Barracks and War Factory. The Command Center can be built later since the radar isn't needed this early into the mission.

Take out the Arms Dealer in the Northwest first. Bring some Gattling Tanks to deal with infantry, Battlemasters for vehicles, and Red Guards. Research the Capture Building upgrade so Red Guards can capture the Arms Dealer, as well as the Oil Refinery in the vicinity. Doing so will allow access to the Technical and Toxin Tractor. The former is a far superior transport with great versatility, and the latter can melt Terrorists without causing them to explode.

Send three Dragon Tanks to the pier, where a Ferry will show up. Load them for transport to strike the enemy from behind. The Hong Kong Convention Center will continually spawn infantry units, so take them out ASAP. Once that is done move onto the parking lots and burn them down.


The fact that Chinese forces destroy a prominent Hong Kong building in this mission was one of the decisive arguments in banning Generals in China.


  • In real life, China no longer use steam trains for transportation. Diesel trains are used instead. (The train in the mission would most likely be a representation of Hong Kong's MTR subway system.)
  • In a real war, the ferry owner would not have had the choice to offer his services as the army would seize the boat. But here, he would say that his business was disturbed by GLA.
  • In reality, the whole force would be transported via water from mainland China or Sek Kong airfield south of Hong Kong International Airport.
  • Unlike the game, Hong Kong does not have the Tsing Ma Bridge connecting Hong Kong island with the rest of Hong Kong. A tunnel is used to connect the two parts of Hong Kong.
  • The Hong Kong Convention Center does not have any Car Parks installed. They were separated.
  • There is no pharmaceutical factory in Hong Kong.



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