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The hospital is a facility specialized in researching Tiberium-related afflictions.


During the First Tiberium War, a hospital was established by Dr. Ignatio Mobius near Bratislava, Slovakia to help treat individuals afflicted with Tiberium-based illnesses. GDI forces under the command of James Solomon were deployed to defend the hospital and townsfolk from Nod attacks.[1]

Game building[]

The Hospital does not give the ability to heal troops on the battlefield; its purpose is purely related to Tiberium research, and its only real role in the game is to serve as an objective to protect in the GDI campaign. It can also store 100 credits of Tiberium.

The building also appears in one variant of the final Nod mission, as an easy foothold to capture on the other side of a large impassable river so that the player can establish a base there.

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