Hostile Takeover

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Hostile Takeover
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Previous Cloak and Dagger
Next Under Siege
Game The Covert Operations
Location Africa
Player CNCR NodLogo.png Brotherhood of Nod
Opponent CNCR GDILogo.png Global Defense Initiative
Objectives Destroy all GDI forces
C&C Covert Ops Cover.gif The following is based on the missions of The Covert Operations and might contradict canon.
This mission is simple. GDI has taken a region that belongs to us. Take it back.
- Mission briefing

Hostile Takeover is the sixth Nod mission in The Covert Operations.[1]


GDI did not go unchallenged as they campaigned across Europe. Nod launched a number of counterattacks and were able to retake territory lost to GDI's advance.


Covert Operations - Hostile Takeover


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