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House Atreides is one of the Great Houses of the Padishah Empire, hailing from the watery world of Caladan. The Atreides are a noble people, known for their civility and willingness to form alliances, such as with the Fremen on Arrakis.

Profile of House Atreides (Dune II)[]

Our ancestral home is the lush planet of Caladan. We have created a civilized society and respect the lives and rights of all people. We do not believe in the use of unnecessary violence, and have crafted a defensive alliance with the native Fremen of Dune.
- Cyril(src)

The Atreides come from Caladan, a planet whose warm climate and over-productive agriculture undoubtedly make the citizens kind and non-violent. This is their weakness.
- Ammon(src)

The Atreides are spawned from the humid tropical world of Caladan. They are best known for their weaknesses of honesty and kindness. They do not seem to believe in war and will usually avoid military conflicts. They have befriended the natives of Dune, and may be expected to involve the local patriot Fremen in their defensive plans.
- Radnor(src)


Leto Atreides was the Duke of House Atreides during the First Spice War. He was succeeded by Duke Achillus Atreides.

In the Harkonnen campaign, Leto's severed hand was presented to the Commander by Hayt De Vries.

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