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House Harkonnen is a Great House of the Padishah Empire, making their home on the industrial world of Giedi Prime. The Harkonnens have a reputation for their sinister political tactics, malevolence, and brutality. The Harkonnens have maintained an ancient feud against House Atreides.

Profile of House Harkonnen (Dune II)

The Harkonnen come from the dark planet of Giedi Prime. They are cruel and vicious individuals and do not assign much value to fair play or even human life. Their goal is obviously the military conquest of Dune.
- Cyril(src)

Giedi Prime is the home to the Harkonnen. Do not be fooled by their blind hatred and bloodlust. They are devious, shrewd, and must be watched carefully!
- Ammon(src)

We Harkonnen have come from the planet Giedi Prime. We want now to possess Dune. Our weapons are powerful enough to deflect any attacks from our enemies. All of House Harkonnen is concentrating on this task, and only a disaster could stop us now.
- Radnor(src)


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