House Ordos

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House Ordos
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Type Great House
Leader(s) Executrix
Affiliation Landsraad, Padishah Empire
Base Draconis IV
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House Ordos is a mercantile Great House of the Padishah Empire, whose homeworld is the ice-covered planet of Sigma Draconis IV. The Ordos is a reclusive cartel of smugglers and traders, famous for their smuggling of forbidden Ixian technologies onto their home planet. Their vast wealth makes them paranoid, yet powerful.

Profile of House Ordos (Dune II)

House Ordos was originally formed by a group of insecure wealthy families. It has evolved into a powerful cartel that is driven by a lust for credits and the desire to control and manipulate. They often support themselves by stealing rather than working.
- Cyril, Mentat of House Atreides

The Ordos come from many different homes. Because of this diversity, we are strong and highly organized. We know when it is necessary to utilize resources and when to appropriate the required materials. Our organization is highly efficient and effective.
- Ammon, Mentat of House Ordos

This cartel of greedy families has been thrown together by the lust for power. They will most likely be busy bickering among themselves to be overly concerned with our forces.
- Radnor, Mentat of House Harkonnen


  • House Ordos first appears in the The Dune Encyclopedia, but they are never mentioned in any of the Dune novels.


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