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HoverTech[1] (short for "hover technology")[2] was a GDI project to develop hover vehicles.


The HoverTech initiative began sometime prior to the Second Tiberium War in 2030. During the war, the Hover MLRS, a product of the initiative, served as GDI's recon unit. Its hover capability allowed it to effortlessly cross most terrain, including water.[3]

However, during the war, it was discovered that the HoverTech system was vulnerable to ion storms, which would render the propulsion system immobile, causing "ground strikes".[4] This, combined with other factors, including high costs, poor reliability, and damage incurred during "ground strikes" whenever the propulsion systems were unexpectedly shut down, caused GDI to shutter the project after the end of th war.[2][1]

Though the HoverTech initiative was cancelled, not all hover vehicles were retired. In 2034, the Slingshot, an anti-air hover vehicle that had being in development for a decade, was rolled out. It was less vulnerable to ion storm interference than its predecessors, and would continue to serve during the Third Tiberium War in 2047.[1] HoverTech was also used in the Shatterer, a Sonic emitter-equipped vehicle designed for Tiberium abatement, to avoid contact with Tiberium crystals. During the opening stages of the Third Tiberium War, the Shatterer was converted into a combat vehicle, and proved effective against Nod and Scrin forces.[5]

During the Fourth Tiberium War, GDI continued to employ HoverTech vehicles, such as the Sandstorm and the Shockwave.


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