Hovercraft (Kane's Wrath)

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KW gameicon.png
CNCKW Hovercraft Cameo.png Hovercraft
KW Nod Hovercraft.png
Internal name NODHoverCraft
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Brotherhood of Nod
Role Transport
Hit points 2000
Transport slots 1
Amphibious Yes
Cost $2500
Build time 2:00
Land speed 80
Sea speed 80
Sight range 100

The Nod Hovercraft is a Brotherhood of Nod amphibious transport vehicle in Kane's Wrath.


This hovercraft was used by Nod following the Firestorm Conflict for amphibious assaults. Its cargo hold is large enough to house an MCV. During Nod's attack on the GDI covert research lab, three of these craft transported LEGION's forces to Australia.


The Nod Hovercraft only appears in the mission What is Rightfully Ours and cannot be built in-game.


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