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Hovercrafts were used by the Brotherhood of Nod for unit deployment from the sea after the Firestorm Crisis.


It is an amphibious vehicle or craft, designed to travel over land or water, supported by a cushion of slowly moving, low-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface close below it and uses large, powerful propellers to skim over water and land with ease.

Similar in purpose to its GDI counterpart, the Nod vessel has a higher carrying capacity than both the Carryall and the V-35 Ox. It is designed to carry even very heavy units across long oceanic distances.

It is interesting to note that the vessel bares an uncanny similarity to rays; an order of cartilaginous fish related to sharks. Similar to the iconic Nod scorpion, many varieties of rays possess poisonous barbs on their tails.

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