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For other uses, see Hovercraft.

The hovercraft was a naval transport unit used by GDI and Nod during the First Tiberium War.


This heavily-armored unit deploys men and vehicles during amphibious assault. It is not buildable in any missions, including multiplay.
- Tiberian Dawn manual(src)

In the First Tiberium War, the Jeff (A) hovercraft was the most popular choice when deploying ordnance and men and was capable of delivering MCVs and even Mammoth tanks to shores to enter combat, aside from helicopter and transport airplane. The hovercraft is deployed from expeditionary task force's amphibious assault ship that has the capability to host them. GDI used another, infantry-only variant.

Game unit[]

In-game, they can only approach shores from the southern end of the map due to engine limitations. A beta-stage image that is visible in the back cover of the Covert Operations expansion pack shows two hovercrafts approaching from a different angle, with minigunners wading through the shallow water, both of which is impossible in the actual game, and is a result of intentional image manipulation by Westwood Studios.



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TD DOS Hovercraft icon TD Hovercraft Icons TD Hovercraft EU cameo


Hovercrafts landing

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