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We've got reinforcements for you, Commander.
- Hovercraft pilot(src)

The Hovercraft was a campaign-only GDI unit in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and its expansion, Kane's Wrath.


Little is known about the hovercraft, other than that it was an amphibious transport used by the GDI during the Third Tiberium War. It had enough space to hold a Mammoth tank.[1]


During GDI's attack on the Nod-controlled port of Alexandria, hovercraft were used to bring in Mammoth tank reinforcements after the Nod battleships docked at the port were sunk.[1]

After Nod forces captured Dr. Alphonse Giraud from his laboratory in the Chilean Blue Zone, GDI used hovercraft to bring in vehicle reinforcements in an attempt to shoot down the transport carrying Giraud.[2]


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