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TW GDI Hovercraft Cameo

In order to facilitate deployment of their forces in theatres of war, GDI extensively utilizes Hovercrafts.


Following a period of inactivity during the Second Tiberium War, when they were replaced with Hover MLRS and amphibious APCs, the hovercrafts once again saw extensive use in the Third Tiberium War, as a heavily armored rapid deployment craft.

The new hovercraft was created by MiG/Scaled Composites. It uses angled surfaces and edge treatment typical of GDI advanced surface development. Also visible are the trapezoidal surface openings used to configure elements such as air intakes and operator compartment windows.


It is an amphibious vehicle or craft, designed to travel over land or water, supported by a cushion of slowly moving, low-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface close below it and uses large, powerful propellers to skim over water and land with ease.


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