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Buckle up!
- Humvee, leaving the War Factory

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, known colloquially as the Humvee, was a lightly-armored United States infantry transport and scout vehicle. It was also deployed by the United Nations for humanitarian aid missions.


First deployed in the 1990s, the Humvee remained one of the most reliable and versatile assets in the United States Army's ground forces by the time of the GLA Conflict. These flexible vehicles were armed with a machine gun to tear apart lighter forces, and could be affixed with a more powerful anti-armor and antiaircraft TOW missile. They could also carry five infantrymen, who could utilize specially designed fire-ports to safely pummel enemies from the safety of the vehicle.

The Humvee resembled the Global Liberation Army's Technical, which also served as light scouts for their military movements. However, while they were slightly slower than their GLA counterparts, Humvees remained fast, all-round multipurpose vehicles that could serve as scouts, infantry transports, hit-and-run harassment units, and anti-infantry support for US tank divisions. Their TOW Missile launcher also allowed them to cover friendly forces from aircraft, something their speedier GLA counterparts were incapable of.

The Humvee's chassis also proved itself to be light but sturdy enough to form the basis of other American vehicles, most notably the Ambulance and the advanced Avenger.

Game unit[]

Chew on these!
- Humvee on the attack

Humvees are lightly armored but commendably fast and inexpensive units. Their speed allows them to dodge enemies that they could not overpower, such as the heavier armor of tanks. Their five fire-capable transport slots also gave the vehicle a unique flexibility. With the proper management and loaded troops, even a small force of Humvees could pose a significant threat to enemies, ground or air.

All Humvees on the field could be fitted with an additional weapon system, the TOW Missile. This affords the machine gun-toting light vehicles an anti-armor weapon with which to combat heavier vehicles and aircraft. The missile's DamageType (EXPLOSION) means that, unlike most other projectile weapons, they deal considerable damage to infantry, too. At the very least, this allows them to combat aircraft and down all supply gatherers (including rogue airborne Chinooks).

Though the Humvee is designed for anti-infantry combat, with a TOW Missile and Missile Defenders they can trash enemy armor in very short order. Combining the latter's long range and the Humvee's speed allows them to kite and wear down slower enemy units, and their capabilities were further increased by the Search and Destroy battle plan from the Strategy Center. This speed also allows them to serve as interceptors to reinforcement groups or even resource collectors (which would grind enemy operations to a halt).

Their power was such that a single Humvee upgraded with a TOW Missile and a Battle Drone, and loaded with two Pathfinders and three Missile Defenders could completely level a medium AI's base.

Like all other ground vehicles that saw the battlefield in the United States Army (excluding the Sentry Drone that is a drone itself), Humvees can be fitted with one of three battle drones to augment their combat ability at a time. Scout Drones increase the Humvee's sight range; Battle Drones fight with a machine gun and repair the Humvee, and the Hellfire Drone fires a powerful anti-tank missile at enemies. All of these drones are relatively fragile and collapse under antiaircraft fire, though the Drone Armor upgrade somewhat remedies this.


Whoa, be careful now!
- Humvee remaining sharp

The aforementioned tactics required intense micromanagement and manual overseeing, however. The Humvee itself is painfully incapable of downing enemy armor, and needs to rely on its superior speed to either retreat or outrun the enemy. Its armor is also nothing considerable, and can be easily disassembled by anti-armor weapons if the Humvee remained within range long enough to be fired at a few times.

The Humvee is also inherently incapable of attacking aircraft. TOW Missiles afforded a limited ability to beat them back, but their painfully slow rate of fire made them unsuitable to destroy aircraft, and Missile Defenders often covered this task as a result.

The Humvee, though designed for troop transport, were not optimized for this role. As a result, unlike the GLA Technical or the Chinese Troop Crawler, if the Humvee was destroyed the ruins would collapse in upon its occupants, killing them instantly (only the pilot's seat was reinforced). Their troops also exited the vehicle one at a time, which hampered their ability to evacuate the damaged vehicle before its destruction.



Drones can be further upgraded with the Drone Armor upgrade.


Hey, check out our new TOW Missile!
- Humvee receiving the TOW Missile upgrade


Cut Laser Humvee quotes[]



  • According to the Zero Hour sound files, General Townes was supposed to have his own version of the Humvee called the Laser Humvee, armed with a Laser weapon. It was likely cut due to time constraints, as no models or textures exist of this unit.
    • Since Laser weapons are anti-tank weapons in Generals, this would leave an anti-infantry vacancy in the Laser General's vehicular arsenal.
  • The Humvee also has the unique distinction of appearing thrice within the US arsenal: the standard Humvee, the Ambulance, and the Avenger.
    • The cancelled Repair Vehicle would have been a fourth appearance of the Humvee chassis.
  • The Humvee's weapon originally used the SMALL_ARMS weapon type, which allowed them to kill soldiers within a Stinger Site. In patch 1.02, this was modified to COMANCHE_VULCAN, such that they would deal the same damage but be unable to do disable the Sites.

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