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The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, commonly called Humvee, is GDI's scout unit in Command and Conquer 1.


Humvees are fully enclosed units with reinforced windows and a powerful engine, armed with a roof mounted 7.62 mm M-60 machine gun. They were widely used by GDI forces to both support infantry squads in combat and perform reconnaissance of enemy positions.

Whilst performing well against infantry and other light vehicles such as the Nod buggy, the Humvee's armour is insufficient to withstand prolonged attack from heavy weapons such as tank shells or rockets. This limits the overall combat effectiveness of the Humvee and limits its role to that of a scout or infantry support unit.


The basic Humvees were phased out as newer models were created towards the end of the First Tiberium War (such as the the Mark II), with improvements like the machine gun placed on a remote weapons station.

During the Second Tiberium War the Humvee's reconnaissance and light support/anti-infantry role had been taken on by Wolverine walkers.

Nevertheless, due to their simplicity to operate and general effectiveness, a number of these vehicles could be seen being used as late as after the Third Tiberium War. However by then, it was not really a military vehicle so much as civilian/Forgotten transportation.


Produced at tier one, it become the spearhead of GDI recon and light support unit. One weird fact (ingame) about this type of vehicle is that (being that it is a light utility vehicle) it cannot carry more passengers than its own crew. This contraption is shared with the Nod buggy. Its weapon is more effective against infantry than the standard minigunner weaponry alone. Being a vehicle, it can cross Tiberium field without any biological harm to its crew.



  • Effective against infantry and light ground vehicles
  • Very fast.
  • Reasonably cheap ($400).
  • Good at hit-and-run tactics


  • Weakly armoured
  • Vulnerable to anti-armour and air units.
  • Ineffective against tanks and buildings
  • Incapable of crushing infantry.


  • Wrecked Humvees appear as scenery in Tiberium Wars.
  • In the german dub of the game, the Humvee was renamed in "Wüstenjäger", which means "desert hunter".


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