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Humvee / Light Scout

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Internal name JEEP
Affiliation CNCR GDILogo.png Global Defense Initiative
Role Anti-infantry recon
Armament M60 machine gun
Tier 1
Tech level 2
Hit points 150
Cost 400
Build time 0:27
Produced by Weapons factory
Ground attack 15 (SA)
Cooldown 30
Speed 30
Attack range 4
Sight range 2

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, commonly called Humvee, is GDI's scout unit in Command & Conquer and The Covert Operations.

Due to possible legal reasons over the Humvee brand owned by AM General, the unit is renamed to light scout in Command & Conquer: Remastered. References to Humvee are kept on this wiki.


The Humvee is a lightly armored and armed vehicle, designed for scouting, transportation, and light fire support. Although ineffective against hard targets, the 7.62 mm M60 general purpose machine gun mounted on the roof provides a 360 degree area of fire, while the Humvee's speed allows it to quickly support advancing infantry squads, perform recon operations, and retreat.

The ruggedness of the design led to it remaining in use well after the First Tiberium War. Some remained in use in Yellow Zones as late as 2047.[1]

Game unit

The Humvee is the basic scout vehicle of GDI, designed to harass enemy infantry and recon the map, but despite being an utility vehicle, it cannot carry passengers. In its role it's equivalent to the Nod buggy. Although four times as expensive as the basic minigunner, the Humvee can cross Tiberium without losing health and can be repaired, making it a good candidate for hit and run attacks where minigunners would wind up crushed.

Behind the scenes

  • In the German dub of the game, the Humvee was named "Wüstenjäger", which means desert hunter.



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See also

  • Buggy, Nod light recon vehicle


  1. Wrecked Humvees appear as scenery in Tiberium Wars.
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