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Hungary is a country in central Europe. To the west, is Austria and Slovenia. To the north of the country is Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. East of it is Romania and the Ukraine, while the south is bordered by Romania, Serbia, and Croatia.

Tiberium universe

First Tiberium War

Following GDI's conquest of Austria and Slovakia in the First Tiberium War, forces led by J.C. Carter decided to make use of their naval supremacy by sending gunboats up the river Danube in order to destroy strategic Nod bases there. Their strategy failed however, as Nod had constructed an Obelisk of Light, which swiftly obliterated all of the gunboats. Carter is believed to have perished in the engagement.

James Solomon took command of the situation, assembling a force sufficient to eliminate the Nod base and the Obelisk of Light.[1] Following this, Budapest and all of Hungary were under GDI control.

Second Tiberium War

During the Second Tiberium War, one of two possible locations for a Nod Banshee prototype facility was somewhere in eastern Hungary, the other being in southern Croatia.[2]

Third Tiberium War

By the Third Tiberium War, Hungary was part of a Yellow Zone until the Liquid Tiberium explosion inside Temple Prime at Sarajevo.

Red Alert universe

During the Second World War, Hungary was allied to the Soviet Union. During the early stages of the war, Albert Einstein was held in a Soviet facility somewhere in Hungary; and was freed by a small Allied force and Tanya. Following said mission, the Allies would hold Hungary throughout the war.[3]

In the Third World War's first iteration, Hungary appears as red throughout the campaign, indicating it was aligned to the World Socialist Alliance. It was conquered by the Allies sometime between the Soviet counter-attack into Germany and Allied assault on Moscow.

In the third iteration of the Third World War, Hungary is either aligned or occupied by the Soviet Union before the failed attempt at the invasion of Great Britain. It is likely that Hungary was liberated by the Allies following the defeat of the Soviet Union in the main campaign.

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