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CS Gameicon The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

The source of the ant's activity has been pinpointed in this area. We suspect that their nests are in this area -- they must be destroyed!

A team of civilian specialists are en-route to your location. Use them to gas all the ant nests in the area. In addition, destroy all ants that you encounter.

Be careful -- these things can chew through anything. Good luck.
- Mission briefing

Hunt! is the third mission of the secret It Came From Red Alert! campaign for Counterstrike and Retaliation.[1]


After successfully evacuating the villages in England, the Allies manage to pinpoint the source of these giant insects to an area that includes an abandoned Soviet base. With a team of civilian specialists, the Allies send over a contingent led by the Allied Commander to gas all of the nests and kill any ants they encounter.


The Allies discover a series of tunnels underneath the ruined Soviet base after gassing all of the surrounding nests. Determined to end the ant threat once and for all, the Commander sends in a team to exterminate these abominations at their source.


The only ant unit encountered in the mission is the warrior ant.

The player starts out with a group of two medium tanks and two Mammoth tanks defending an MCV. Later two APCs and the civilian specialists will arrive. The nearby nest to the north is the first to be gassed.

It should be noted that the Allies are now able to construct Mammoth tanks, and they can unlock them by building a service depot instead of a tech center. Along with Mammoths, be sure to also amass a horde of rifle infantry, as their size and collective rate of fire are better against ants than vehicles. Proceed to gas each nest, protecting the specialists in your large group of infantry.

Once all the nests are gassed, the mission is completed.



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