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Hunt! is the third mission in It Came From Red Alert! after Stalin's death and his Soviet Union being destroyed.


Following major reports of ant sightings, both Carville and Stavros reported that a counterattack is made at an Allied garrison in Europe. Giant Ants had nearly their full arsenal ready to scramble that base to pieces. The Prime Minister of Great Britain understands the message and had General Carville to head for the area by sending Field Commander A9 over there for an immediate blockade.


The Player will start with two Medium tanks, two mammoth tanks and an MCV. Defending the ore trucks and the base is critical as the ants will target those units and there is not many places to safely harvest the ore. Build mammoth tanks is the best way to win the mission otherwise building medium tanks will also work. The ants will keep arriving until all the nests are gassed.


Scientists confirmed these reports at the right moment of time after the enemy's counterattack failed to destroy the garrison. Following it, the Prime Minister along with Carville and Stavros quickly found information from a cabinet member that a Queen Ant is identified as an enemy leader, not Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin who died in Moscow. Field Commander A9 will lead his full arsenal against the Queen Ant and her units at the research facility that used to belong to Stalin's regime.

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