That Tripod left a husk, I think an engineer can capture it.
- GDI Soldier witnessing an Annihilator Tripod Husk
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Walker Husk was a term used to describe the wreckage of GDI Juggernauts and Behemoths, Nod Purifiers and Avatar Warmechs, and Scrin Annihilator Tripods and Reaper Tripods after they had been destroyed. All of these walkers were designed so that their core components were well armored even from attacks that would destroy the rest of the unit. Usually, after being put out of battle, most of the equipment and software on these vehicles still functioned. If an Engineer, Assimilator, or a Saboteur could get to them, then they could make them function for their army as long as the husk's power core doesn't die. This could be both an advantage or a disadvantage as, while they could repair their own walkers, so could their enemies. Sometimes, instead of bringing an engineer to them, the opposing army would scuttle the husk to ensure that nobody could use it again. Smaller walkers, such as the Titan Mk. II or the Wolverine Mk. II were not as durable as the larger walkers; meaning that the cockpit and other vital components would be destroyed with the rest of the unit; rendering salvage impossible. An achievement can be earned if the player captures several husks.

List of units that leave husks

Tiberium Wars / Kane's Wrath

Tiberian Twilight


  • In Tiberium Wars, it seems that a husk actually keeps its Veterancy's bonus. For example, while a normal Avatar's husk only have 1/2 HP, a heroic Avatar's husk will slowly repair itself (but it doesn't change the fact the the recovered walker still be heavily damaged). The recovered Avatar still has its white beam and self-repair ability of heroic status, even though its Veterancy status has been reset.
  • When a husk of the Marked of Kane Avatar in Kane's Wrath is captured, it is turned into a standard Nod Avatar. This was fixed in the unofficial 1.02+ patch.
  • In Tiberium Wars, if the husk is on a heavily damaged bridge piece, there is a chance that the husk can't be captured.
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